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At the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP), we partner with the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) to certify and promote the best health physics professionals in the industry.

Our collaborative efforts are focused on promoting excellence and innovation while supporting professionals who embody the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Join us at ABHP and the AAHP to take advantage of our joint resources, training programs and certification opportunities and maximize your career potential in health physics.

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Advancing the Field of Health Physics:
ABHP's Three-Fold Mission

ABHP promotes best practices, certifies professionals and offers continuing education to maintain high standards of professionalism and integrity in health physics.

Advocate Best Practices

Raise standards and promote ethical professionalism for professional advancement.

Certify Health Physicists

Assessing competency and qualifications for health physicist certification.

Promote Continuing Education

Provide certification and support renewal program.

Radiation Safety:
An Introduction to Health Physics

Radiation is everywhere, but how can we protect ourselves from its harmful effects? Discover how health physics provides the answers.

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ABHP Panels of Examiners:
Ensuring Quality and Integrity

Discover how the ABHP Panels of Examiners play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and integrity of Health Physics certification examinations.

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ABHP Board Policies and Forms:
Your Guide to Compliance and Activities

Discover ABHP board policies and access the required forms to comply with regulations and engage in various activities with ease.

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Maximize Your Health Physics
Career with ABHP and AAHP

Join ABHP and AAHP now to access joint resources, training programs and certification opportunities that will take your career in Health Physics to new heights!

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Leadership ABHP Board


Allen Mabry

Vice Chair

Kathleen Dinnel-Jones


Wesley L. Boyd


David C. Medich


Jeffrey Chapman


Kyle Kleinhans


Rodican P. Reed


Wei-Hsung Wang

Archive of Past Boards


Chair - Kyle Kleinhans, Vice Chair - Allen Mabry, Secretary - Kathleen D-Jones, Parliamentarian - David Medich, Wes Boyd, Chris Martel, Jeff Chapman, Kathleen D-Jones, Kyle Kleinhans, Wei-Hsung Wang, David Medich.


Photo from 2021 Fall Meeting: (left to right): Jeff Chapman, 2022 Board Member; Chris Martel, Parliamentarian; Wei-Hsung Wang, Board Chair; Kyle Kleinhans, Board Vice-Chair; Kathleen Dinnel-Jones, Board Secretary; Dave Medich, Board Member; Allan Mabry, Board Member; Wes Boyd, Board Member, John Dixon, Part II Panel Chair; John Kinneman, Part II Panel Vice-Chair.


Chair - Wayne Gaul, Vice Chair - Wei-Hsung Wang, Secretary - Kyle Kleinhans, Parliamentarian – Chris Martel, Kathleen Dinnel-Jones, Cindy Flannery, Allan Mabry, Glenn Sturchio.


Cindy Flannery, Chair; Wayne Gaul, Vice Chair; Bill Rhodes, Past Chair; Vicki Morris, Secretary; Chris MartelParliamentarian; Kyle Kleinhans, Director; Glen Sturchio, Director; Wei-Hsung Wang, Director


Photo from 2018 Fall Meeting: (left to right): Board Secretary Victoria Morris, Past Board Parliamentarian Robert May, Board Member Wei-Hsung Wang, Board Member Kyle Kleinhans, Board Past Chair Bill Rhodes, Past Board Member Jay Tarzia, Board Chair Cindy Flannery, Board Vice Chair Wayne Gaul, Pt. 2 Panel Chair Allen Mabry

ABHP Panels

The ABHP Panels of Examiners prepare and evaluate the two certification examinations given by the ABHP each year. The Part I exam covers fundamentals of health physics and is in multiple-choice format. The Part II exam has longer format answers and also covers applications of health physics. Click on either of the following two links to find out more about each Panel

Members of each panel are selected by the ABHP. Panel members serve for a four-year term, unless the member is chosen as the Panel Chair, who serves an extra year. Each panel meets once each year to prepare the next examination.

The first panel was created in 1960. The multiple-choice format Part I examination was split off as a separate part of the certification process in 1968. The single Panel of Examiners was responsible for both the Part I and Part II exams until the formation of a separate Part I Panel of Examiners in 1988. The Part II Panel was further split from 1979-1993 when a Specialty Certification was offered in Power Reactor Health Physics.

Part I Panel

View All

Chair Vice Chair Past Chair
Mark Andrew Tries
Dennis Quinn
Bryan Lemieux
Panel Members
Caleb Tracy
Jabari Robinson
Matthew G. Arno
A. Duncan White
Keith D. Brown
Deirdre Elder
Nicole E. Martinez

Part II Panel

View All

Chair Vice Chair Past Chair
Andrea Geyer
Janine Katanic
John D. Kinneman
Panel Members
Daniel J Evans
Clifford Stephan
Latha Vasudevan
Michael E. Campbell
William P. Fitzgerald
Jonathan B. Hanni
Robert F. Buchheit, Jr.
Britt Edquist
Michael Moyer
Duriem Calderin
Toshihide Ushino
Jennifer Mosser
Christopher M. Helstern
Christopher L. Royce
Kyle Maloy
Brett L. Rosenberg
Robert F. Atkinson
James K. Zickefoose
Jeffrey Caudill
Daniel Menchaca
Cheryl L. Antonio
Amanda Botzer
Jeffrey A. Kowalczik
Maria Nissen
Babatunde M. Oginni
Alan Montgomery
Kenneth Lewis

Board Policies

The ABHP grants professional certification in the field of Health Physics.

The ABHP Certification Exam is hosted annually in two parts. The Part I exam is administered through testing centers worldwide and prior to the Part II exam. The Part II exam will be hosted at various locations through the US and Canada on a date to be determined by the ABHP Board.

2023 exam dates were as follows:

  • Part I: June 2 - 11, 2023
  • Part II: June 26, 2023

Applications will open in October each year for exams the following year. The deadline to submit application materials will be on the third Friday of January annually.

Exam Prospectus

A history of the Board and the current requirements for certification are contained in the ABHP exam prospectus. View the Prospectus

Part II Professional Report

The Board has provided additional guidelines for the professional report required during the Part II CHP Exam application. The cover sheet is available in the forms section below. View the Report

Exam Prep Guide

Additional information regarding the examinations can be found in the Examination Preparation Guide to help candidates anticipate what to expect. View the Exam Prep Guide


Per AAHP Standard Operating Procedure 2.1.1, Review of Appeals, appeals may be filed with the Executive Director by any individual who is denied:

  • Eligibility for any part of the examination
  • Part I or Part II passing, or
  • Certification for any reason.

Appellants who wish to appeal a decision of the Board should file an appeal with the Executive Director within six months of notification of such Board decision. Appeals must specify the reason(s) the Appellant believes the Board decision deviated from the Board's policies and procedures. The Appeals Committee shall report its findings to the Appellant, the ABHP Chair, the AAHP President, and the Executive Director.

Applicants for certification by the ABHP agree to be bound by the Bylaws of the AAHP and further agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the AAHP, the ABHP, their employees, and all Certified Health Physicists who participate in the certification process. Any and all personal expenses of Appellants incurred during the appeal process are the responsibility of the Appellant.

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Available Forms

Name Instructions/Comments
Useful Formula Sheet A copy of this sheet is provided to Part II candidates at the time of examination
Radiation Report Cover Sheet Submitted with ABHP Testing Application.
Application for ADA Accommodations A disabled candidate who desires a reasonable accommodation for exam-taking has the responsibility to make the request by completing this ABHP Application for Exam Accommodations and providing the specified documentation.