Annual Awards

William McAdams Outstanding Service Award

About the Award:

The McAdams Award is presented annually by the ABHP for significant contributions toward the advancement of professionalism in Health Physics and to the Certification process.

Nominees shall be CHPs who have served the health physics community through outstanding and extended work on the ABHP Examination Panels, ABHP Board, AAHP Continuing Education Committee, AAHP Executive Committee, other AAHP committees, teaching or other assistance in increasing knowledge of HPs, or other areas that enhance the professionalism of health physics.

2023 Winner:

Cindy M. Flannery

Citation provided by Kathleen Dinnel-Jones, 2023 Vice Chair ABHP

On behalf of the ABHP, it is my privilege and pleasure to recognize my colleague, Cindy M. Flannery, for her many years of dedication and service to the health physics profession and the certification process as the 2023 William A. McAdams Service Award Honoree. This annual award is presented by the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) to honor a certified health physicist who has served the health physics community through outstanding and extended work on the ABHP Examination Panels, ABHP Board, AAHP Executive Committee and other AAHP committees.

Cindy received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 1990, majoring in Nuclear Medicine Technology, her Master of Science in Health Physics from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. in 2000, and became a Certified Health Physicist and a member of the American Academy of Health Physics in 2001.

She started her health physics career as a Senior Health Physicist (1993 – 1999) for Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland where she provided comprehensive health physics support to hospitals and facilities with NRC and Agreement State medical use licenses. While finishing her Master’s degree, she served as a Radiation Safety Officer (1999 –2000) for the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in Washington, DC. There she maintained a broad scope NRC license and managed the radiation safety program. Next, she accepted a position as the Radiation Safety Officer (2000 – 2004) for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Fort Belvoir, Virginia where she managed their NRC license for the military uses of radioactive material.

Cindy is currently a Senior Health Physicist (2004 – present) at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the Medical Safety and Events Assessment Branch in Rockville, Maryland. She is involved with the development and implementation of NRC policies and programs associated with 10 CFR Part 35, Medical Use of Byproduct Material.

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Throughout her career, she continued to provide support and give back to the certification process through: serving on the ABHP Part I Examination as a panel member (2009 – 2016) and as the Part I Examination Chair (2014); serving on the ABHP Board (2017 – 2021) as both Vice-Chair (2018) and Board Chair (2019); and is currently serving on the AAHP Executive Committee as a Director and Parliamentarian (2023 – present).

Her dedication to furthering the advancement of the Health Physics community is also acknowledged through her memberships on various committees: Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) – N13 (Radiation Protection) member (2017 – present); “Health Physics News” bi-monthly newsletter Associate Editor (2012 – present); “Ask the Experts” feature of the Health Physics Society website Topic Editor (2012 – 2015); National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Council Member (2017 – 2023); and Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards ABHP Liaison (March 2020 – present). She is also a proud member of the Baltimore-Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society (2005 – present) where she served as Executive Committee/Secretary (2007 – 2009) and a plenary member of the National Health Physics Society (1999-present).

We are very fortunate to have Cindy, a dedicated Health Physicist who continues to share her knowledge, skills, and time for the betterment of the Health Physics profession and the community.

Please join with me in congratulating Cindy on receiving the 2023 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award!

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Past Winners Include:

    • 1989 - John W. Healy
    • 1990 - H. Wade Patterson
    • 1991 - Richard R. Bowers
    • 1992 - Lester A. Slaback, Jr.
    • 1993 - Ken Skrable
    • 1994 - Leroy R. Booth
    • 1995 - William R. Casey
    • 1996 - Frazier L. Bronson
    • 1997 - Robert Martin Ryan
    • 1998 - Dale H. Denham
    • 1999 - Bryce L. Rich
    • 2000 - James E. Turner
    • 2001 - George J. Vargo, Jr.
    • 2002 - Paul L. Ziemer
    • 2003 - Herman Cember
    • 2004 - Edward F. Maher
    • 2005 - Dade W. Moeller
    • 2006 - William C. Reinig
    • 2007 - Kathryn H. Pryor
    • 2008 - James S. Willison
    • 2009 - Michael S. Terpilak
    • 2010 - Nancy P. Kirner
    • 2011 - Jerry W. Hiatt
    • 2012 - Robert N. Cherry, Jr.
    • 2013 - Kent N. Lambert
    • 2014 - Lester K. Aldrich II
    • 2015 - Nora Nicholson
    • 2016 - James E. Tarpinian
    • 2017 - Charles A. "Gus" Potter
    • 2018 - Govind Rao
    • 2019 - Willam G. Rhodes III
    • 2020 - Kathleen Dinnel-Jones
    • 2021 - Wayne Gaul
    • 2022 - Wei-Hsung Wang

Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award

About the Award:

The Davis Award is an AAHP award given in memory and honor of Joyce P. Davis in recognition of her dedication to the advancement of health physics and her humanitarian efforts to uphold the ethics of the profession. The recipient of this award demonstrates these extraordinary qualities exemplified by Joyce P. Davis, distinguishing themselves for excellence in professional achievement as well as being a champion of ethical behavior.

Those eligible for the award must be:

  • a member of AAHP for at least 10 years
  • a demonstrated champion of professional standards and ethics
  • recognized for exemplary professional practice of health physics
  • 2023 Winner:

    James P. Tarzia, CHP

    Citation provided by Charles A. Potter, PhD, CHP (AAHP President, 2021), Kyle Kleinhans, CHP (AAHP President, 2017) and Mark A. Miller, CHP (AAHP President, 2019)

    James P. (Jay) Tarzia has a broad career in the health physics profession. Jay attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell (then the University of Lowell), receiving a BS in Radiological Health Physics in 1984 and an MS in Radiological Sciences and Protection in 1987. He followed that up with an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University in 1994. While at Lowell he worked in the research reactor, first as a Licensed Reactor Operator/Radiation Specialist from 1981–1983 and then as Licensed Senior Reactor Operator from 1983–1985. He then worked at the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant as an Auxiliary Reactor Operator from 1985–1986 and Health Physics Specialist from 1986–1988. This combined education and experience allowed Jay to successfully complete his Certification in Health Physics by the American Board of Health Physics in 1990, shortly after his graduation.

    For the next nine years (1988–1997) Jay continued to work at Seabrook Station, now as a Senior Health Physicist, providing technical support to Health Physics Department in various aspects of radiation protection. His work included 10CFR50.59 radiological safety evaluations, program development in support of the revised 10CFR20, development of a computerized air sample analysis system, development of portable neutron spectrometer using a tissue equivalent proportional counter and 3He detectors, whole-body counting lab program development, internal and external dose analysis, development of Ingestion Pathway Tracking Computer System - a PC based system for managing data from a postulated radiological release, dose analysis of operations against NRC General Design Criteria 19, and various instrumentation work. Responsibilities included off-site dose analysis as a Dose Assessment Specialist/Emergency Operations Facility Coordinator as part of the station Emergency Plan and supervising HP technical staff and operations technicians during outages.

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    In 1989, Jay and two other prominent HPS members began Radiation Safety and Control Services, Inc. (RSCS), a company that provides a broad range of health physics services. Since its inception, this company has been extremely present and supportive of the health physics profession and the Society, being a frequent vendor at meetings, supporting activities such as the 5k run and open mike night, and having its personnel, including Jay, participate on HPS and AAHP/ABHP committees, presentation of papers, and development of standards.

    From 1999–2005 Jay’s primary responsibility was as the Project Health Physics and Chemistry Manager on the Connecticut Yankee Decommissioning Project. He was a key member to the decommissioning management team responsible for managing all Health Physics and Chemistry functions for the Connecticut Yankee Decommissioning Project at the Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Plant in Haddam, CT. In this position, he was responsible for development and implementation of the site radiological work planning programs, radiation protection program, and chemistry programs, focused on prevention against both external and internal exposures, effluent control, and licensed termination activities. He was also responsible for writing and implementing many aspects of the license termination plan.

    Over the course of the existence of RSCS, Jay’s position has been Executive Director responsible for RSCS technical consulting, staff augmentation, laboratory operations, and management activities, oversight of RSCS decommissioning projects at several US facilities, and oversight of RSCS UK Company, RSK Radiological, LTD, performing several nuclear decommissioning and radiological projects in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. He has also served as decommissioning advisor to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development at Chernobyl for assessing nuclear and radiological safety aspects of the New Safe Confinement and the Construction of the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation. More generally, Jay is an RSCS Director Lead responsible for technical oversight of RSCS projects including nuclear, industrial and medical decommissioning, groundwater monitoring and assessments, radiological regulatory compliance projects, internal and external dosimetry assessments, and radiological computer application development.

    Jay has an extensive list of over 40 publications and presentations including many at local and national Health Physics Society meetings. He has been an HPS member since 1990. His professional activities include:

  • Past President: American Board of Health Physics, January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021
  • President: American Board of Health Physics, January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020
  • President Elect: American Board of Health Physics, January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019
  • Chairman: American Board of Health Physics, January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017
  • Member: American Board of Health Physics, January 1, 2014 – Present
  • Chairman: Governor's State Radiation Advisory Committee - State of New Hampshire 1993 – present
  • Chairman: Nuclear Ship Savannah Association, October 2012 – May, 2017
  • Member: Nuclear Energy Institute Task Force on Nuclear Plant Decommissioning, September 2013- present
  • Member: ISOE Working Group on Radiological Aspects of Decommissioning Activities at Nuclear Power Plants (WGDECOM), 2014 - present
  • Panel Chair: American Board of Health Physics Part I Exam Committee, January 2011 – January 2012
  • Member: American Board of Health Physics Part I Panel, January 2006 – January 2010
  • Member: ISOE Expert Group on Severe Accident Management developing nuclear industry international guidance following Fukushima, 2011 – 2014
  • Member: HPS Laboratory Accreditation Policy Committee, 2004 – 2010
  • Jay’s work on the ABHP and the ABHP Part I committee is of great importance. He has worked very hard on both panels reviewing and understanding processes for exam preparation and grading, acceptance of candidates for certification, and other processes. It is under his direction that the ABHP has moved towards electronic processes for application, application review, and examination. He also teamed with the AAHP, sponsoring and encouraging joint activities to provide transparency and ensure that both boards operate synergistically.

    As President of the AAHP, Jay supported the change of the Secretariat from Burke & Associates to CMA and facilitated much of the transition. This was a quite difficult undertaking and one for which he provided much of his time and the expertise he has developed with managing large projects. Those of us who were in leadership roles with the Academy during this time truly appreciate his efforts in the overall improvement of the Academy’s business due to these changes. One could not succeed with all of these accomplishments without being of the highest ethics. In our work, experience, and friendship with Jay, he has always acted in the most ethical manner and had expectations and encouragement of such action in others.

    We undersigned nominators have all known and worked with Jay for a number of years, some for decades. We find that he is a top-notch health physicist who not only excels professionally, but also supports the profession with his activities in the New England Chapter of the HPS, ABHP, AAHP, and through other venues as available. In addition, Jay gives back to the community by supporting and mentoring younger health physicists at both the technologist and professional levels by providing them work and research opportunities at RSCS. It is our common opinion that Jay is a great asset and representative of the profession and of Certified Health Physicists in particular and is a great candidate for the Joyce Davis award.

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    Past Winners Include:

      • 2002 - John J. Kelly
      • 2004 - James E. Tarpinian
      • 2006 - Carol D. Berger
      • 2008 - Howard W. Dickson
      • 2010 - Frazier L. Bronson
      • 2014 - Bryce Rich
      • 2016 - John Frazier
      • 2018 - Charles Roessler
      • 2019 - Dennis Quinn
      • 2020 - Douglas Minnema
      • 1999 - Bryce L. Rich
      • 2000 - James E. Turner
      • 2021 - Charles "Gus" Potter
      • 2022 - Samuel L. Baker

    Nancy K. Johnson National Service Award

    About the Award:

    This award is presented in honor of Nancy K. Johnson to individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Academy during the immediate Past President's term of office.

    2023 Winner:

    Andy Miller

    Citation provided by Charles A. Potter, PhD, CHP (AAHP President, 2021)

    It is my pleasure to present Andy Miller with the Nancy Johnson National Service Award.

    Andy has supported both the American Board of Health Physics and the American Academy of Health Physics since 2002 when he became a part of the Part II exam panel. He served two terms on the panel including as chair in 2009, a position, I can assure you, that takes up a lot of time and effort. Following this, he moved to the ABHP board, serving from 2012 until 2016 including positions of Vice Chair in 2015 and Chair in 2016. He followed up that with being the AAHP President-Elect, President, and Past President from 2018 to 2020 and is now a member of the AAHP Membership Committee.

    I have been fortunate to be also serving in Board and Academy activities for much of Andy’s time. He followed me as Chair of the Part II panel, we served on the ABHP together, and I started on the AAHP Executive Committee during Andy’s second year.

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    Andy’s terms coincided with some of the most important work that the Board and Academy have undertaken in recent history. This included closing of the Part II exam bank, developing a new process for preparing the Part II exam, contracting with a company to manage the Part I exam and data, making Part I an electronic process, and bringing in a new secretariat. These tasks speak of someone who is not afraid to look for what is lacking and needed within a process, identify appropriate changes, and work to make those changes.

    While I have been Academy President Elect, President, and Past President, Andy has always been there with a ready ear to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. He is quick to volunteer his time for Board and Academy needs. This is most easily seen when, after the secretariat transition, it was discovered that a few dozen boxes of records had to be removed from the previous company in the Washington, DC area and moved to Princeton Junction, NJ. Andy took the time to go to DC, rent a trailer, get the boxes, drive them to New Jersey, and unload them. Having Andy do this as opposed to a commercial shipper saved us a considerable amount of AAHP funds and was very much appreciated.

    I would personally like to thank Andy for his two decades of support to the ABHP and the AAHP and am honored to award him the Nancy Johnson National Service Award. Please join me in showing our appreciation.

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    Past Winners Include:

      • 2008 - Nancy Johnson
      • 2009 - E. Scott Medling
      • 2010 - Dan Strom
      • 2011 - Kyle Kleinhans
      • 2012 - Sandra J. Brereton
      • 2013 - Dan Mantooth
      • 2015 - James S. Willison
      • 2017 - Timothy Taulbee
      • 2022 - James Nunn

    ABHP Bill Fitzgerald Service Award

    About the Award:

    The ABHP is excited to announce the new ABHP Bill Fitzgerald Service Award. This award may be made annually by the ABHP to honor an Active or Emeritus Certified Health Physicist who has provided exceptional service to the ABHP during the immediate previous Chair's term of office. This award may be bestowed posthumously.

    2023 Winner:

    Bill Fitzgerald

    Citation provided by Kyle Kleinhans, Past ABHP Chair

    It is my great honor to present Bill Fitzgerald with a new Award, the inaugural ABHP Bill Fitzgerald Service Award. The award is given by the immediate past ABHP Chair to honor an Active or Emeritus Certified Health Physicist who has provided exceptional service to the ABHP during the immediate previous Chair's term of office. I can’t think of a better recipient.

    Bill was comprehensively certified in 1998. Bill has served on the Part II Panel of examiners since 2020.

    Bill's non-stop dedication of working with the Board, the Part II Panel, and Prolydian on past/present/future Part II exam bank transition issues. He has also spearheaded the new electronic CHP exam process. He works well with Prolydian and CMA to get the job done, coordinates all of the Part II, ABHP Board access and efforts, developed a Microsoft© Teams program to coordinate the exam databank and Board efforts, and is in lock-step with where the process needs to go to maintain a documented CHP exam certification program. He has the unique skill to translate and communicate computer/IT and technical health physics terminology together to achieve a successful exam database. Due to his work, the Part II exam bank transition is flourishing.

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    Here are just a few details of Bill activities supporting the ABHP include:

    • He worked on Prolydian Part II Items including the painful input of Microsoft© Word formatted questions into Prolydian
    • Removing duplicate items from the Part II exam bank
    • Established ABHP Teams Accounts for file sharing and better secure communication (Part 2 Panel, the ABHP, CMA, and the AAHP-ABHP Webmaster)
    • Setting up and publishing, as a PDF, the Part II exams from Prolydian (2022 and 2023 exams were published from Prolydian)
    • Established online grading using Prolydian for the 2023
    • All while maintaining a pleasant and enjoyable work process

    Please join me in thanking Bill for his dedication and service to the ABHP by building a sustainable and secure certification database process that will benefit the CHP program into the future. Please also join me in thanking him for his generous service to us all and the certification process.

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