Presented to WILLIAM R. CASEY at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Boston, Massachusetts, July 23-27, 1995
William R. Casey

The William McAdams Outstanding Service Award is presented each year by the American Board of Health Physics to recognize those individuals who have made important contributions to advancing the profession of health physics by encouraging its study through the certification process. The Award was established in 1989 in honor of one of the Board's founders, William McAdams. William McAdams provided leadership, energy, and vision to the Board during its formation. He was a member of the 1958 Certification Committee formed by the Health Physics Society to investigate the need for a Board. He then served as the Chair of the temporary ABHP formed in November, 1948, and as the first Chair of the inaugural board when it was formed in October, 1959. Today's recipient, and past recipients of the Award, have made similar noteworthy and significant contributions to the advancement of our profession and the certification process.

The Award was first presented in 1989 on the 30th anniversary of the ABHP. The six health physicists who have received the William McAdams Award are Jack Healy, 1989; H. Wade Patterson, 1990; Richard Bowers, 1991; Les Slaback, 1992; Ken Skrable, 1993, and Lee Booth, 1994.

Today I am very pleased to announce that William R. Casey is the recipient of the seventh William McAdams Outstanding Service Award. In making this award, the Board recognizes Bob Casey for this continuing and dedicated efforts in advancing the profession of health physics through certification. Bob's contributions to the certification process have a close parallel to those of William McAdams, as Bob provided dedicated and visionary leadership in another important formative period which led to the establishment of the American Academy of Health Physics.

Bob became a certified health physicist in 1974. He became active in the certification process shortly afterwards, joining the Comprehensive Panel of Examiners in 1976, and becoming Chair of that Panel in 1981. After completing his tenure with the Panel, he became a member of the Board, and served on the Board from 1982-1986. He was Chairman of the Board in 1986, having served as Vice Chair in 1985 and as the Board's first Parliamentarian in 1984. He was a member of the Board during a very significant time in its history, when the American Academy of Health Physics was being formed and when the roles and responsibilities of the two organizations were being defined. Bob was Chair of the Steering Committee for the formation of the AAHP in 1985 and 1986.

Bob continues to be very active in the certification process. He became President-Elect of the American Academy of Health Physics in 1993, served as President in 1994, and is currently Past President of the Academy. As President of the Academy, he was very instrumental in the successful final merging of the ABHP and AAHP.

Bob's accomplishments in other areas of health physics are equally impressive. He is currently the director of the environment, safety and health division at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He has served on several NCRP committees, ANSI Working Groups, and DOE, NRC, and EPA advisory panels. His professional interests include operational health physics, especially accelerator health physics and emergency planning. Bob was a member of the Working Group which wrote the "Health Physics Manual of Good Practices for Accelerator Facilities," and was a member of the DOE Advisory Panel on Accelerator Radiation Safety. He has been a lecturer for a short course at Harvard University on planning for Nuclear Emergencies.

Bob is a leader in his professionalism and dedication to health physics and its practice. In appreciation and recognition of Bob's many signification contributions to the certification process and to the advancement of our profession, we take great pride in presenting him today with the William McAdams Outstanding Service Award.

Tom Buhl, Vice Chair ABHP