Make Sure Your CHP Status is Active for the Upcoming Year

August 1, 2023 CHP Corner Features

By Michael Canino, AAHP-ABHP Executive Director

It was wonderful to see so many of our AAHP members in National Harbor, MD last month. There are pictures later in this newsletter showing a few of the AAHP and ABHP volunteers and award winners from the HPS event.

As we draw closer to the end of the summer months, we are excited for the great things ahead for the next year which will be here before we know it. We encourage you to review your CHP certification now and prepare for your next renewal.

There are a few requirements for a CHP to maintain active status. They are as follows:

  • Payment of your annual maintenance fee with AAHP
  • Submitting a recertification application detailing 80 CECs every four years (not required for Emeritus CHP)

Login to the AAHP website and visit your Member Overview page to check the status of your membership and certification:

The renewal process for 2024 will begin next month and you will be able to login and pay your fees and complete your CHP recertification application. Note that the recent bylaws changes require membership and certification requirements to be completed by January 31, 2024 to remain as an active CHP.

How do I know if my CHP is active?

If you login to your overview page, you should see two items to confirm that you are an active CHP:

  • Your membership status would say “Current”
  • Your recertification status should have a future expiration date

If either of these two items are not in your overview page, then your CHP status is likely inactive.

What do I do if my CHP is inactive?

Do not hesitate to reach out to the AAHP-ABHP headquarters team to ask what steps are required to reactivate your CHP.

Any inactive CHP due to the missing requirement of the payment of annual maintenance fees, would be required to pay the missed fees up to four years and an additional reinstatement fee.

If your CHP became inactive within the past four years, you would also be required to complete your recertification application and document the required 80 continuing education credits in addition to any missed fees.

If your CHP became inactive longer than four years ago, a reactivation application must be submitted which will require a comprehensive summary of your work experience, professional references from colleagues and a sample of work to be reviewed by the ABHP Board. There is also an opportunity to apply to be reactivated as an Emeritus CHP which requires a shorter application.

The best way to inquire about next steps is to email