2020-10-25-2682 - Internal Dose Assessment - Technical Management Services, Inc. ( 2020-10-25 - 2024-10-24 )

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Internal Dose Assessment
Technical Management Services, Inc.
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This 5-day course has been developed for health physicists, Radiation Safety Offi cers, regulators, program auditors and anyone
having responsibilities relating to personnel dose assessment.
The course takes the student through the fundamentals of internal dosimetry, including historical and current dose models,
to the analysis of actual intakes. The focus of this course is the utilization of both in vitro and in vivo bioassay results in the
determination of intake and dose. A signifi cant amount of time is devoted to calculations using actual intake scenarios. Practical
applications of data and interpretation of bioassay results are stressed. Discussions include identifying the source term,
collection of pertinent data, application of retention functions, and determination of required bioassay technique sensitivities and
identifi cation of analytical parameters which impact the validity of in vivo and in vitro bioassay results.
The student will become familiar with the use of current documents and references. Bioassay program development and Quality
Assurance for bioassay programs will also be discussed. Importantly, the course will consider application and use of perhaps the
most powerful internal dosimetry software package currently available: The Integrated Modules for Bioassay Analyses (IMBA).
Customization of the course to address site specifi c applications is optional for on-site courses, please contact TMS for further
The course has application to commercial power reactors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, regulatory agencies, university
programs, government laboratories, private industry, fuel fabricators, in short; any program involved in handling dispersible
radioactive materials where there is a potential for intakes. Students are encouraged to provide scenarios to the instructor prior to
or during the course for review and discussion during the course.
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course related to the practice of health physics