2019-09-01-646 - Radiation Safety Officer Training - NV5 - Dade Moeller Training Academy ( 2019-09-01 - 2023-09-01 )

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Radiation Safety Officer Training
NV5 - Dade Moeller Training Academy
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Those seeking qualification as a Radiation Safety Officer.
We provide the technical information and practical experience to ensure that you are well prepared to serve as an RSO. Instructors specialize in training for research, biomedical, and educational programs, as well as for programs using sealed sources in irradiators, measurement devices, and gauges.
Through lectures, hands-on laboratory exercises, and extensive reference materials, this course will give you the technical information and practical experience necessary to ensure that you are well prepared to serve as an RSO and will meet the requirements of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Agreement States, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
During the week, students must complete 32 hours of instruction in the following required subjects: radiation fundamentals, health risks, regulations, licensing, enforcement, dosimetry, instruments, statistics, quality assurance, DOT shipment and receipt of radioactive materials, program management, record keeping, emergency response, and preparing for inspections. Students must also complete several hours of elective subjects to complete the 40 hours of training.
As an add on, you may complete an additional 4 hours on shipping radioactive materials, as required by DOT (49 CFR 172 Subpart H) and NRC (10 CFR 71.5 and 10 CFR 20.1906). This module concludes with an examination, successful completion of which will earn you an additional certificate for 3 years.
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course related to the practice of health physics