CFPS Fellows

Recognizing 20+ Years of Excellence

The Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) exam has been a standard of excellence within the software measurement community and is used to IFPUG members globally.

IFPUG honors those who have shown their expertise over 20 years and who have acted as a beacon in leading measurement practices by awarding the special designation of CFPS Fellow. We appreciate their dedication and integrity.

The following individuals have maintained their CFPS certification for a minimum of 20 consecutive years:

  • Gregory Allen
  • Anna Battistata
  • Dr. Massimo Beretta
  • Dr. Raymond Boehm
  • Bonnie Brown
  • Carol Dekkers
  • E.Jay Fischer
  • Daniel B. French
  • Dr. David Garmus
  • Christine Green
  • Gary A. Huber
  • Makoto Kurashige
  • Kriste Lawrence
  • Lori Limbacher
  • Debra Maschino
  • James E. McCauley
  • Bruce Paynter
  • Michael Pearl
  • Franco Perna
  • Tammy Preuss
  • Bruce Rogora
  • Pam Simonovich
  • Adri Timp
  • Carlos Eduardo Vazquez
  • Steven Woodward
  • Daniele Zottarel
Requirements for CFPS Fellows:

CFPS Fellows must be IFPUG members in good standing that have maintained active membership and CFPS certification for 20 consecutive years. IFPUG membership must remain continuous to remain as a CFPS Fellow.

If you have questions about the CFPS Fellows program, please contact [email protected].

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