Section 6 - Grading Criteria

A candidate must pass both parts of the certification examination to be considered for certification. A candidate that takes both parts of the exam on the same day and passes Part II but fails Part I must pass Part I before being eligible for certification.

Part I Passing Point Criteria

To pass Part I, the candidate must answer at least 95 questions correctly.

Part II Passing Criteria

To pass Part II, a candidate must achieve 67.0 percent or better on Part II (469 points out of 700). Starting with candidates sitting for the 2014 Part II exam, candidates who fail to receive a minimum of 300 points weighted (out of 700 available) will have to wait one year before being allowed to sit again for the Part II exam. This requirement does not apply to candidates in their sixth and final year of eligibility since passing the Part I exam.

Availability of Performance Information

Candidates will receive their performance information on any part that they failed.