ABHP Vice Chair Pat LaFrate with 2013 McAdams Awardee Kent Lambert
ABHP Vice Chair Pat LaFrate with 2013 McAdams Awardee Kent Lambert
Recipient Remarks

Thank you Pat for the kind words in the citation. It is, of course, a great honor to receive this award. To be recognized for doing something you enjoy doing is doubly rewarding, like a bonus check for attending this conference.

It is traditional and appropriate to briefly thank those that helped along the way. Our product is a group effort, so everyone that did their part on the exam panels, the Board and the Academy deserve thanks. I do need to single a few out. On the personal side, two are in the audience today: my mother and my wife.

It will come as no surprise that thanks also go to Nancy Johnson. We accomplish what we do in no small part due to her behind the scenes direction. Nancy is the Stephen Spielberg behind the Academy leadership and the Board.

I need to dredge up a name from the past: Ellen Hochheiser. Those that remember Ellen probably recall her as meek, shy and soft-spoken. No? Perhaps opinionated and assertive better describe her. (Ron Kathren told her that she was arguably his best student and inarguably his most obnoxious.) But she also loved our profession and this organization. Ellen and my professional association began after we finished our graduate work at Rutgers. She asked me to teach a basic nuclear physics course at Salem Community College where she ran an Associates program in radiation protection. This was my first college level teaching assignment. (Financially, I would have been better taking a second job flipping burgers.) A few years later, she asked (more liked pushed - remember her personality) me to join the HPS Continuing Education Committee. My first HPS service experience. Then Ellen coersed, I mean, recommended that I fill a vacancy on the ABHP Part I exam panel. My first role with the ABHP. Note a trend here.

Isaac Newton’s famous statement about standing on the shoulders of those before you seems apropos as we all build upon the accomplishments of those who served before. In the audience today are previous recipients of this award: Bob Cherry, Jim Willison, Nancy Kirner, Kathy Pryor and Frazier Bronson. Please stand up and be recognized. Stay standing. Those of you standing, look around - what you see are potential future McAdams Award recipients. Did any of you notice Kathy Pryor wince at the thought of Bob, Jim and I standing on her shoulders?

This leads me to issue two challenges. First, for those in the audience that have enjoyed your experience with the certification process, find someone that has not been involved that you think would do a good job and Hochheiser them. (I never thought Hochheiser would become a verb.)

Second, for those in the audience that have not been involved with the certification process; don’t just volunteer, but find someone that will champion your involvement. You will, no doubt, find the experience working on the exam panels and on the certifying process educational. Some will find it enriching. And a few may even receive a bonus for attending this meeting.