2004 McAdams Awardee Ed Maher with ABHP Chair John Serabian
2004 McAdams Awardee Ed Maher with ABHP Chair John Serabian
Recipient Remarks

Dear Members of the American Academy of Health Physics, Friends and Guests,

Let me express my overwhelming gratitude to the American Board of Health Physics and to the Academy for selecting me as your 2004 William A. McAdams Outstanding Services Award recipient. I am completely humbled and pleased to accept this award and also mindful that no one achieves this award without the support, mentoring and assistance of many people. I wish to thank all of you for this award, but especially the following:

  • First and foremost my family, particularly my wife, my love and soul companion for nearly 32 years now who has cheerfully endured my preoccupation with Academy business, and two daughters Molly and Rebecca who have kept me firmly grounded with what is most important in this life
  • Next, a close second, is Nancy Johnson, the Executive Secretary, who even when I was not on top of things, made me look like I was. She is the "nucleonic force" that binds the Academy, Board and Panel activities so they continue to be the efficient and effective nucleus of excellence. Everybody who has served any one of these three bodies understands this very deeply. Thank You Nancy!
  • Thirdly, I thank all the mentors and coaches I have along the way, educators, military commanders, employers, and colleagues within and outside the Academy who took the time to mentor me and set life examples. I pleased to say that the most influential of my mentors is here today, Dr. Dade Moeller.
  • Lastly, my thanks and appreciation goes out to the many Panel and Board Members who enriched my professional and social life. We have shared the most grandest of common experiences and we all have prospered because of it.

In closing, I want to encourage those of you out there, and especially our new CHPs, to participate in the process of certifying others. Yes, it can be large commitment of your time, but I can guarantee you that the technical growth, professional and social contacts and sense of serving higher purpose, far outweigh any effort you will put into the process. After all, you will be working aside the best and brightest of your profession.

Thank You All Once Again!